parcan_64_lightThe PAR64 Spotlight (or Par Can) is one of the most common and most useful lighting fixtures used today, for stage, studio and entertainment lighting applications. The fixture is lightweight and simple in design and construction. It is also economical to manufacture and easy to maintain. Very effective with colored gels to keep with your color scheme. The PAR 64 CLASSIC is a great spot light, with classic shape with long body, in 2 sections, with square filter frame and polish finishing. The light is fitted with a GX16 lamp socket with PVC cable 3 x 1,5 mm2 1 m and cable seal. Front protection grill with dense grid mesh, the top-quality ceramic bulb socket features chromed contacts for higher contact efficiency; the par can cannot take be faced directly upwards as it gets extremly hot & hazardous for flammable surfaces
above the par can (caution). Rent Par Can 64 for R150